What Is Water Based Gym Floor Finish – Is It Good?

Water Based Gym Floor Finish

Water based finishes are typically made from acrylics or polyurethanes. They provide a durable, high-gloss finish that is easy to maintain. However, they can be susceptible to yellowing over time and may not be as scratch-resistant as other types of finishes.

Water based gym floor finishes are becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious of the environment and their own health. They are also easier to apply and maintain than traditional oil-based finishes. But is water based gym floor finish really any good?

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Water Based Gym Floor Finish – Overview

If you’re looking for a water based gym floor finish, you may be wondering if it’s any good. Here’s what you need to know about water based finishes.

Water Based Gym Floor Finish pros Cons

Are Water Based Floor Finishes Durable?

Water based floor finishes are very popular because they are low in VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. This means that they emit fewer fumes and odors than other types of finishes, making them a great choice for indoor spaces.

However, some people worry that water based finishes are not as durable as their oil based counterparts. Here is what you need to know about the durability of water based floor finishes.

Water based finishes are just as durable as oil based finishes, if not more so. In fact, many professional finish carpenters prefer water based polyurethane for its superior durability and scratch resistance.

Water based polyurethane dries hard and clear, providing a protective layer that will keep your floors looking great for years to come.

One advantage of waterbased finishes is that they can be applied in thinner coats than oil based polyurethane.

This means that they penetrate the wood better, resulting in a stronger bond. Waterbased polyurethane also cures faster than oilbased polyurethane, so you won’t have to wait as long before walking on your newly finished floors.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, low-VOC floor finish, waterbased polyurethane is a great option. It’s just as strong and scratch-resistant as oil-based polyurethane, but it dries faster and emits fewer fumes during application.

How Long Does Water Based Floor Finish Last?

Water based floor finishes can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the quality of the finish, the amount of traffic in the area and how well it is maintained.

A high-quality water based floor finish can last up to 10 years in a low-traffic area, while a lower-quality finish may only last a few months in a high-traffic area.

Proper maintenance is essential to extend the life of any floor finish, and this includes regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and debris, as well as periodic mopping with a mild cleaning solution.

Are Water Based Finishes Good?

Water based finishes are a great option for many projects. They are easy to apply, have low odor and clean up easily with water. Water based finishes also provide a good durable finish that can resist scratches and stains.

What is the Best Gym Floor Finish?

Polyurethane Gym Floor Finish
Polyurethane Finish

There are a few different types of finishes that can be applied to gym floors, but not all of them are created equal.

The best finish for a gym floor is one that will protect the floor from wear and tear, while also providing a safe surface for athletes to train on. Here are a few of the best options out there:

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  • Polyurethane Finish: This type of finish is incredibly durable and provides excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for busy gyms.
  • Epoxy Finish: Epoxy finishes are also very durable and provide good protection against damage.They’re typically used in commercial gyms because they can withstand heavy traffic and usage. However, they can be more difficult to apply than polyurethane finishes and require more maintenance.
  • Synthetic Finish: Synthetic finishes are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to their durability and low-maintenance requirements. They’re also slip-resistant, which is an important safety consideration for any gym floor.
  • Gym Floor Sealer: A sealer is not technically a “finish” but it’s worth mentioning because it can extend the life of any of the above finishes by protecting them from stains and dirt buildup. Sealers should be reapplied every few months or as needed depending on the amount of traffic your gym receives.


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If you’re considering a water based gym floor finish, you might be thinking if it’s any good. The short answer is ”YES” – water based finishes are just as worthy as oil based finishes, and they have some additional benefits too.

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