“The will must be stronger than the skill”

– Muhammad Ali (Famous American professional boxer)

Along with many other aspects of our daily life, this quote also relates to our physical fitness. Maintaining physical fitness is a motivational thing, but not everyone can maintain it. But we all know how important it is. So, you need a strong will to make your fitness perfect, even if you don’t have enough resources and skills.

This site is created to discuss this important issue in our daily life. Here we will talk about various exercises, gym and fitness awareness and do’s.

First of all, who are we?

Our team consists of experienced professionals with a grave understanding of fitness and exercise. Our teammates consist of experts who have been doing gym and regular exercises for many years and are experts in the subject. If you are interested in related topics, this site is for you!

Shovon Sharif

Author, Editor

I am Shovon Sharif. After almost 6 years of my gym life, I feel like this is my friend who won’t leave me. Gym is in my blood, in my veins. I have great experience and skills in this field as I have been working in gyms for many years.

I am a popular personal trainer at my gym Muscle King and my gym mates love me immensely for giving my time to share tips with them. And truly, I am working on this site from that love.

Gym is not my profession, it’s my passion. And I love to talk about my passion. This blog is the online platform for that wish.